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Petition to US Department Of Labor

Require employers to give employees breaks

When I started working at a mental health facility that offers a partial hospitalization program for people struggling with mental illness in late July of 2020, I was shocked to learn from a fellow behavioral technician that we do not get to take breaks. I thought, "This must certainly be illegal!" Surely you can imagine my surprise upon learning that employers in the state of Michigan are not legally required to allow employees to take breaks. I initially brushed off HR’s failure to disclose this information during the interview process as accidental. Everyone makes mistakes; we’re only human, after all.  For 5 months, I was the only behavioral technician at my company's Lansing area site. Because transportation is provided to clients in need, my work days frequently ranged from 9 to 11 hours long. In January of this year, help arrived in the form of 2 new behavioral technicians. I found myself the bearer of bad news upon informing them that we do not get to take breaks. Both technicians responded in exactly the same way that I had: “That’s illegal!” In that moment, my concern grew as I began to process the implication of their response. Failing to inform one new hire that they will not get breaks is an accident; failing to inform 2 additional new hires is willful non-disclosure. Leaving out information that could very well dissuade a prospective employee from accepting a job offer implies that my company is aware that this policy (or lack thereof) is unethical, even if it is not illegal. Only 9 states require employers to let employees take rest breaks, and only 20 states require employers to let employees take lunch breaks! I am proposing federal legislation requiring employers to give all employees breaks. The proposed requirements are as follows:   Any employee that works 4 hours or more shall be allowed a paid rest break lasting no less than 10 minutes, during which time the employee must be relieved of any and all work related activities and must also be permitted to leave the premises. Any employee that works 6 hours or more shall be allowed an unpaid meal break lasting no less than 30 minutes. Any employee that works 10 hours or more shall be allowed a second unpaid meal break lasting no less than 30 minutes, which may be waived by mutual consent between the employee and the employer. A system that does not provide for the wellbeing of the population is a system that has failed those it is meant to serve. A system that values the laborer is a system that cultivates the health and prosperity of the nation. Please join me in leading the fight for workers' rights across all 50 states!

Natalie S.
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Petition to Mets, Steven Cohen, Sandy Alderson

Incorporate more women into the NY Mets Front Office

We propose that the NY Mets actively seek out a qualified woman and that she be considered for an interview to earn the General Manager position within our beloved organization. Even if there is no such candidate available at this time, we strongly suggest that the NY Mets incorporate proper outreach methods to ensure the inclusion of more women in their front office ranks. Specifically, we want the Mets to recruit/hire women to be incorporated into the Mets organization. Furthermore, when women are incorporated, we want assurances that they will work in a fair and safe environment. We don’t want favoritism, but a fair shake. Then, we suggest the NY Mets organize a press conference to explain the actions they will take to address this glaring problem of proper representation. The Jared Porter incident proves to us that the Mets were simply unaware of the previous GM’s actions, and that they acted properly and swiftly on the matter.However, interviews conducted by Sandy Alderson reveal that MLB and the Mets have a glaring front office gender issue. I’m referring to the moment when Yahoo Sports reporter Hanna Keyser brought up the fact that Sandy Alderson did not hear a dissenting voice when vetting Jared Porter. She made an important point, questioning whether any of the potential dissenting voices could have even come from women. His reply: “no, that’s one of the unfortunate circumstances that exists in the game today. They’re aren’t any women in those positions with whom one can have a conversation...” highlights the obvious problem that needs to be transparently addressed.  There are many women who adore the NY Mets, who attend the games, buy tickets (pre-Covid) and buy merchandise. Thus, it would behoove the Mets organization to employ front office personnel who are more reflective of their fan base. More diverse opinions make for a better product on and off the field. This action is long past-due and we feel the Mets should be ahead of the game and should do what we all know is right. To the signers of this petition, it would be helpful if you could email the Mets a picture of you in Mets gear ( With the subject line “WE BELONG” if your woman  or “WOMEN BELONG” if your male or other subgroup)  to show them who you are and that a great organization is an inclusive organization. As always,Let’s go Mets!

Jaime Gongora
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Petition to Popeyes, José Cil, Matthew Dunnigan, Joshua Kobza, Duncan Fulton, Audrey Kreske, Communication

Popeyes, stop risking workers’ lives for your chicken!

If you’ve followed the news, you’ve seen the alarming number of coronavirus deaths disproportionately affecting communities of color. Nowhere was that more prevalent than in our nation’s meat industry, where such a stunning number of workers died that Latino civil rights groups called for meat boycotts. The League of United Latin American Citizens, Forward Latino, and others have called on all of us to give up meat in solidarity with those workers who are sick, suffering, and dying. Yet Popeyes refuses to join this important effort, denying customers plant-based options even while Burger King, Dunkin’, White Castle, and KFC (its biggest competitor) are already offering plant-based alternatives. And instead of asking the meatpacking industry to provide paid sick leave or to slow down slaughter speeds, Popeye's has remained silent and complicit. With over 2,400 locations, Popeyes is one of the largest fried chicken chains in the United States. And while other restaurants around the country are adapting to the climate of this pandemic, Popeyes is refusing to get on board… choosing to risk the lives of thousands of meat industry workers. At the same time, a growing number of communities are calling for more access to plant-based foods and better conditions for workers, particularly those communities most underserved. In fact, the growth of plant-based protein and meat alternatives is projected to increase from $4.6 billion to $85 billion in 2030. Popeye’s has a tremendous opportunity to catch up to its competitors by providing a plant-based chicken option and better working conditions in its supply chain. Sign this petition and tell Popeyes it’s time to get on board, and it’s time to help save lives.

Manny Rutinel
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