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Petition to Dan McKane

Allow Spectators at all MIAC Hockey Games

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the MIAC has chosen to prohibit spectators at all athletic events. Numerous MIAC athletes, coaches, and parents have expressed their desires for this policy to be reconsidered by the athletic commissioner of the MIAC conference. However, we have not been heard. By allowing spectators at MIAC hockey games, we give parents and peers the opportunity and autonomy to attend if they desire. We believe it’s crucial that these representatives begin to recognize the fear-based propaganda that is ultimately driving this pandemic. Which in turn, is affecting the personal lives of those who simply reside in this country. The glory of autonomy is the ability to make personal choices that may affect one's personal circumstances. Spectators should be able to choose whether the potential consequences are worth it. This includes watching their children play what could be their last season of hockey, giving students the ability to watch their school compete, and giving student-athletes the feeling of normality in a year that has been anything but normal. For many student-athletes, they chose their respective schools to continue to play the sport they love. This includes paying an immense amount of tuition simply for the sake of playing their sport. Without friends and family in the stands, it takes away a part of the game that student-athletes cherish beyond words.  Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz has already given the go-ahead for spectators to attend youth and high school sporting events. His updated order limits capacity to 25%, allowing 150 spectators at indoor events.  We now call on the commissioner of MIAC athletics, Dan McKane, to make the right decision and allow spectators at MIAC hockey games. Those who are passionate about this, choose not to live in fear. We are a community that has chosen to advocate, stand up, and use our voices. Please assist us in urging MIAC representatives to reconsider this decision and revisit it with reason, common sense, and compassion. MIAC student-athletes and parents would greatly appreciate a signature. Join us in advocating for those who have been silenced.

Hannah Dorsey
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Petition to Big Bear Lake City Council, Big Bear City Community Services District (CSD), California Department of Transportation, San Bernardino National Forest, sierra club, Jay Obernolte, Dave Caretto

Improve Big Bear Community by Creating a Tourism Road Toll

Big Bear is a top tourist destination in Southern California which makes tourism essential to sustain the Big Bear Community. As of 2015, Big Bear Lake had approximately 6 million visitors per year. Since then, tourism has continued to increase dramatically. While the communities of Big Bear thrive off tourism, it can also negatively impact our local residents and infrastructure such as; our forest, roads, healthcare system, water supply, waste management, and more. Tourism has boomed since the COVID-19 pandemic, and our small mountain community can hardly handle the overwhelming amount of additional visitors. Our roads are continuously damaged, our forests are riddled with plastic sleds and trash, and our locals are frustrated! While we love and appreciate the tourists that visit our beautiful town, we ask that the tourists take part in improving our community so that Big Bear can continue to be a well maintained resort destination.  We propose that a tourism road toll be placed at all entrances to the Big Bear communities-Highway 18, and Highway 38. A partnership between state CalTrans and local government would be needed to achieve this. The toll would ONLY charge tourists, locals would be exempt. It could be implemented by an electronic toll collection reader that will scan each car as it arrives.  For comparison, many cities capitalize on their tourism and traffic by using means such as parking meters. However, parking meters affect the local community whereas the road toll would not. A small fee per car could bring millions of development dollars to our community each year that can support our environment, infrastructure, developing community programs, and improving the Big Bear experience for both tourists and our valued locals.  The money derived from this toll road would have a positive impact on all! Please sign and share! 

Elizabeth Filia
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Petition to Willand Warming Shelter, Somersworth NH, Strafford County Emergency Cold Weather Shelter

Open the Willand Warming Shelter in Somersworth, NH for all our homeless to access!

Hello, I am one of many very concerned citizens of Dover. Dover has a very large homeless population with nowhere to go tonight. It is currently 26 degrees out with a 25% chance of rain and snow. The Willand Warming Shelter, located in Somersworth, NH is not opening tonight. The City of Dover brought that building for $1Million via a grant. In addition, the other 2 cities have allocated monies to this shelter, but yet it has not been open since January 11th at 9am when the overnight guests had to leave. No one is answering any concerned citizens questions as to where the money went, why they aren't opening the shelter, if they need help, or anything. Numerous people have called and messaged to no avail. We want to help get these people out of the cold and into somewhere safe. There are quite a few people willing to help volunteer at the shelter, help run it, keep it open all winter if need be. We have people who will make sandwiches, snacks, I am sure local businesses will help out with pizzas or drinks. People are more than willing to donate cases of bottled water. We have the resources and man power. Lets get this shelter open and these people out of the cold! Our homeless need our help! It is cold out, below freezing. Some are lucky and have tents, blankets, and gas powered heaters. But not all are that lucky. 211 is no help when all the shelters are closed, and COVID makes it so you can't just walk into City Welfare or Community Action. 

Kristen Devoe
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