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Petition to President Joe Biden


We the undersigned request Pres. Joe Biden sign an executive order granting Predatory Lending and Front Loading Interest Amnesty to those classified as African Americans, American Descendants of Slavery ( ADOS) or once classified as Negroes, Coloreds,  Copper Colored, and Black Indians of North America. We ask that the executive order instruct Pres. Biden economic team and Commerce Secretary, Gov. Gina Reimondo to create a plan designated to specifically eliminate past negative Credit history caused by Predatory Lending and Front Loaded Interest, reported by the three credit reporting agencies: Equifax; Experian; TransUnion; they are all publicly traded , for profit companies. African Americans, American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) or once classified as Negroes, Coloreds, Black Indians of North America our communities have a challenge with not only everyday life but economics. We are the primary targets for predatory lenders and unusual lending practices. If we come togather one step at a time maybe, we can help some people in the long run. Our first step is to bar pre-calculated interest adjustment loans. Companies have created something called interest adjustment loans. This allows the companies to charge the entire amount of interest on the loans before the time accrue. They list principle and combined interest as account balance so there is no consideration of early payments. Second step is to expose the financial consequences of redlining and correct this institutional racism that is common practice that started in the segregation era and continue to this day. Predatory Lending and Front-Loading interest businesses specifically target minorities and allows the Racial Wealth Gap to continue to grow exponentially and create areas of bad credit communities. According to ADOS co- founder Antonio Moore, the average White middle-class Family has $120,000 in wealth and the average Black middle-class Family has $1,700. So if the White bread winner lose his or her job they have $120,000 to draw off while the Black Family has $1,700. Bad credit makes it difficult to get a good paying job to getting a descent place to live. We have generational members of Boomers, Gen- X, Gen- Y, and Gen- Z with bad credit because of these Predatory Lending and Front-Loaded Industry. These companies will continue to be disrespectful and condescending to our Comunities. One example of many is the practice of placing kill switches in cars. Some car dealerships will turn the car off if a customer is late on payment. Not only is this disrespectful but dangerous. Let us force them to complete in the free market and stop creating bad loans. In the absence of true economic inclusion or policies specifically targeting the racial wealth gap, Predatory Loan Credit Amnesty For African Americans is a grassroot effort seeking a fresh start in the community. Will you join us in our efforts to bring financial Literacy and proper Legislation in our communities paving a way to reducing the wealth gap and inequality.      

Willie Sallee
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Petition to Individuals, Community Activists, Faith Community Leaders, Civil Rights Organizations, Justice Seekers, Anti-Poverty Organiztions, Jeff bezo, Bill and Melanie Gates, Andrew Yang, ice cube, Robert F. Smith, Tyler Perry, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Bono, Beyonce, U.S. Senators, U.S. House of Representatives, Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee, Netflix


            THE CENSUS WEALTH EMPOWERMENT ACT                We, the undersigned support a bold step forward with incalculable value for all US citizens through the passage of the Census Wealth Empowerment Act (CWEA). You are encouraged to share this information as you deem appropriate to further this message and mission.  The Census Wealth Empowerment Act (CWEA) takes an undeniable stand against poverty.  The mission of the Act is to minimize the number of citizens on the poverty rolls and provide tangible hope and support to every child born in the US.  The narrative changes from the figurative American Dream to an America that provides the economic tools to construct a ladder to success.  The CWEA calls for escrowing $2,000 a year for each US citizen over the age of 18 and then direct depositing $20,000 to those citizens every 10 years following the cadence of the US Census.                 In support of the Act and its empowerment message, join me in ensuring that every member of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate receives a copy of this document.  Share it with your US Representative and your US Senators and ask them to introduce, sponsor, or co-sponsor into Federal law the Census Wealth Empowerment Act. In addition, please share the information with acquaintances, family members, friends, and neighbors, and encourage their involvement in the activation of this redistribution of wealth and the financial empowerment of each US citizen. Civil rights organizations, community advocacy groups, and justice activists should receive this information as well so it can be added to their agendas for change.                 The Census Wealth Empowerment Act concept is a powerful one. Let us not deny any US citizen the opportunity to directly be a part of a national societal paradigm shift toward economic justice.  Together, we the people have the power to bring this initiative to full fruition.                 The elimination of poverty in the United States of America can commence on January of 2030 with the practical implementation of the strategy contained in this document through the passage of a Federal Bill.  Such an Act would minimize current levels of spending on Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) and the Criminal Justice System, as well as reduce spending for anti-poverty programs.                 From the equable distribution of funds, each US citizen will have an open channel for the creation of opportunities, the transformation of ideas into potential, and the transition of dreams into generational wealth creation.  This single initiative shall provide citizens from lower-income segments of the population with the opportunity to deliver on their creative innovations, leading to unparalleled human talent discovery.  This immense vein of untapped human potential will lead to exceptional individual achievements and unforeseen national accomplishments.                 The Census Wealth Empowerment Act (CWEA) takes an undeniable stand against poverty.  The                 The CWEA puts an end to non-wealth development in a country possessing enough wealth to eliminate poverty within its borders.  Such opportunity in 21st Century America was carved by words etched in its 18th Century beginnings. Every US citizen has the right to freedom from poverty.  These principled words ring with a greater truth as the resources now exist to fulfill the reality of their earlier pronouncement, proclaimed in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, that: 1)      All men are created equal. 2)      All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. 3)      Among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 4)      To secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. 5)      The government gets its power from the citizens it governs. 6)      Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. 7)      Different forms of government are like an experiment. If the form of government is no longer able to protect the rights of its citizens, it needs to be changed or overthrown and replaced.                 The Census Wealth Empowerment Act places premium importance on the economic stimulus of individual citizens who comprise the nation.  The nation can only be as rich as Its poorest citizens.  Wealth accumulation accrued by the smallest percentage of the population should not be forever hidden from the masses.  Wealth should become the mantle that moves across all diversity of humanity.  The entire spectrum of the citizenry should not be denied the enjoyment of peace and comfort as a state of life.  The CWEA ensures the elevation of life for all US citizens.                 Please visit if you have questions or need for clarification.  Your comments and suggestions about furthering this message and mission to build this effort into a movement are valued and welcomed.  Visit the website provided in the heading of this letter to leave a comment or access more information.                 Together, we can empower a bright future for all Americans.                         

Midwest Minority Think Tank Foundation
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Petition to University of the Philippines

"50k SAGAD ibigay na!!!" Para sa mga kawani ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas

50K sa SAGAD ibigay na!!! SAGAD na SAGAD  na po ang paghihirap nating mga Reps at administratibong kawani ng UP sa kabila ng mga pagtaas ng presyo ng mga pangunahing bilihin at sa mahigit na sampung buwang “Lockdown” na pinapatupad ng administrasyong Duterte. Matatandaan pong nagbigay nang promosyon sa mga faculty ng UP ang administrasyon ng UP mula 2014 hangang 2018, at kakarampot na horizontal promosyon lamang sa mga kawani na REPS at Kawaning Administratibo. Ang hinihingi nating benepisyo para sa mga kawaning SAGAD na sa horizontal na promosyon ay hindi parin ibinibigay sa kabila ng pangako ng ating Pangulong Danilo L. Concepcion na “Nasa puso nya ang Reps at Admin staff ng UP” Sa ginanap na seminar noong 2018 sa NCPAG na inorganisa ng UP Faculty Regent at UP Staff Regent. Sa kasalukuyan ay meron po tayong 9,946 nakawaning REPS at administratibo sa buong UP System at 2,431 po sa mga ito ay nasa kategorya na ng SAGAD o hindi na pwedeng magkaroon ng horizontal promotion at ito ay 24% ng kabuuang bilang ng mga kawani sa buong UP na syang mas nangangailangan dahil mas nakararami po dito ay mabababa ang salary grade. Magsama-sama po tayong mga kawani ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas SAGAD man o hindi na ipaabot sa administrasyon ng UP ang ating kahilingang “50K sa SAGAD ibigay na” sa pamamagitan ng PAGLAGDA para sa ating signature campaign. MARAMI PONG SALAMAT SA INYONG PAKIKIISA. MABUHAY PO TAYONG MGA MANGAGAWA NG UNIBERSIDAD NG PILIPINAS.   Bilang ng mga SAGAD sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas [pangkalahatan]Admin Staff     2,236Reps                  195

Duds Bergado
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