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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump, President of the United States

Release Corvain Cooper from Life Imprisonment Without Parole for Marijuana

On June 18, 2014, Corvain T. Cooper was convicted in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina in Charlotte for the crime of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute marijuana and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.  This was a non-violent crime.  Corvain Cooper did not use any violence, or even threaten any violence, in this case.  Despite former Attorney General Eric Holder's promise not to seek life sentences for non-violent drug offenders, the United States Attorney sought and obtained a life sentence under the Federal "Three Strikes" law.  Corvain Cooper's two prior felonies that were the first two strikes were a conviction in California for possession of marijuana, and one conviction for possession of codeine cough syrup without a prescription. When he was sent to prison for the rest of his life for selling marijuana, Corvain Cooper was 34 years old, a father to two young daughters, ages 4 and 8, a fiancee, a son, a friend, and a small business owner selling clothing and footwear. Corvain appealed his conviction and sentence, arguing that his sentence of life imprisonment without parole for a non-violent drug offense as Cruel and Unusual Punishment.  The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upheld this injustice, and the Supreme Court declined to hear the case. After his direct appeals concluded, the State of California enacted Proposition 47 and Proposition 64 as part of legislative drug law reforms after California legalized marijuana.  Both laws permitted people like Corvain Cooper to apply to the courts to vacate their marijuana or drug felony convictions, and replace them with misdemeanor convictions.  Corvain Cooper successfully applied, and both of his felony convictions were thrown out.  Both of the "two strikes" were vacated, meaning that Corvain Cooper was no longer eligible for the "Three Strikes" law. We filed a petition pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 2255 in the Federal court, challenging his life sentence under the "Three Strikes" law - since two of the three strikes were no longer felonies, he should not receive a life sentence. The Federal courts have denied our challenge.  The case is once again before the United States Supreme Court.  If the Court allows this sentence to stand, this man will never see his family again. In 2016, we submitted an application for clemency with President Barack Obama, asking him to commute this grossly unjust sentence of life imprisonment for a non-violent drug offense.  Unfortunately, before he left office, President Obama denied our clemency petition. I have been representing Corvain Cooper since his sentencing in 2014.  Because his family has been unable to afford legal fees, I have been representing him for free - pro bono.  I have pledged to continue to fight for this young man, who is a genuinely good person who does not deserve this Draconian punishment. Join us in asking President Donald J. Trump to stop the madness of mandatory life sentences for non-violent drug offenders, and commute Corvain Cooper's sentence so his daughters can grow up with a father. For more information, contact: Patrick Michael Megaro, Esq. Halscott Megaro, P.A. 1300 North Semoran Boulevard, Suite 195 Orlando, FL 32807 USA Phone: (407) 255-2164

Patrick Michael Megaro
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Petition to Free STANLEY WATSON, Governor Stitt, Oklahoma commutation and parole board, Abolish life for JUVENILES

Justice for Stanley Watson.. Wrongfully convicted as a juvenile sentenced to life.

           Justice for Stanley Watson Fix the Oklahoma justice system, and COMANCHE COUNTY corruption We move for Stanley Watson to be released and or sentence commuted..  On September 24-26 2000. At the age of 17 Mr. Stanley Watson was charged and later sentenced to life with parole for a crime of which he didn't commit. Seeing that the victim (Austin Hatcher) was a young white male. The investigation and all procedures the county sheriff's department, and investigators took along with the district attorney's office were totally racist and prejudicial. Stanley never stood a chance at a fair trial. The witnesses Alonzo Horne, Sachiko Glaster even testified that they were in alot of words being forced to testify to a lie because the D.A had threatened them that had they not testified to what the wanted then they (The witnesses) were going to be tried with the murder. This took place on the stand and the jury heard it. However; still Mr. Watson was convicted and his name was drug through the mud during the investigation. The investigation wasn't taken seriously. For there was a hunting knife found at the scene of the crime but was never taken and actually presented into evidence. The three people who testified Against Stanley all had conflicting statements. None of them added up. No one could even place a knife in Mr. Watson's hands at any time during the party. It wasn't until afterwards while no longer at the party that Sachiko Glaster in her testimony said that while at Jennifer Kelley's house she saw a knife In Mr.  Watson's hand.. Missing to share the information that during the ride from the party; She and Stanley had been holding hands with one hand with the other he was smoking a cigarette. Never once did he display a knife or any weapon for that matter. There was absolutely no one who testified that they actually witnessed Stanley Watson commit the crime. They only placed him at or around the fight. Which he never denied being at. The lawyer of Stanley Watson was a public defender by the name of Don guttridege. His private investigator was Scott Rice. The lawyer did absolutely nothing to defend Stanley Watson accurately. He showed no push to prove how Stanley was innocent instead he only aimed to prove his theory of who he thought it was.. May I add that all of Stanley's clothes and shoes were checked and swiped of the DNA of the deceased. And there were no traces of Austin Hatcher's blood or even clothes follicles on Stanley's clothes. The lawyer was very ineffective as he at one point lied to Stanley Watson about a court session with a special jury. They pulled Stanley up a few days before his scheduled trial date.. Mr. Watson confused, and with no knowledge as to his constitutional rights or the law Mr. Watson asked what was going on.. Guttridge informed Stanley that he was about to go to trial, and none of his family were going to be able to attend. He called it a special jury trial.. When Mr. Watson grew even more weary. The lawyer told him that I'm ordering his family to be able to come to his trial. He (Stanley Watson) was going to have to go into the judge chambers and tell him they needed an extension of time because they weren't ready or prepared. All this was a game to help the state place fear into Mr. Watson, a young black kid who was ignorant to the law and life. Once Mr. Watson denied to ask for the extension and told the judge, D.A and his lawyer he was ready for trial. This took them by shock. The judge quickly took it off record and again tried to convince Mr. Watson to ask when he didn't budge the D.A himself asked for one stating he had hundreds of other witnesses to talk to. The judge granted it to him.. This entire case was filled with racism and prejudiceness. All they knew was that a young white man was dead, and they were going to convict someone for it.. That someone was Mr. Watson. And with the fear they placed into his friends who also were very young. NONE OF THEM STOOD A CHANCE AGAINST THE SYSTEM.

Jennifer Watson
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Petition to President Donald Trump/, USPardon.Attorney , President Donald Trump

Clemency for my son, Darrell Frazier.

My name is Joyce Johnson, the mother of federal prisoner,Darrell Frazier. The problem that I want to solve is that my son is serving a life sentence with no parole for a drug conspiracy. He has served 29 1/2 years thus far, which I believe he has paid his debt to society. I am putting up this petition support page to ask President Donald J Trump, to grant my son executive clemency to reduce my son's life sentence to time served and show him mercy. Since being incarcerated Darrell founded The Joe Johnson Tennis Foundation a non-profit foundation in 2010, which I (his mother) is CEO. The foundation itself teaches 100 to 200 children per week through summer camps at local recreation centers in Chattanooga, TN. It begins the first week in June through the first week of August. What an inspiration it would be to have my son tell his story as he teaches tennis to the children within the community. Clemency would give him the opportunity to take over as head of this foundation and help me his mother due to my recent disability. Clemency would also bring back cohesiveness within the family which has been lost due his incarceration. Now I want to ask all my family members and friends for support of this petition as well as my son's friends and associates to sign and support this petition as well.  May God continue to bless everyone who signs this executive clemency support petition. Sincerely, Joyce Johnson - mother of Darrell Frazier    

Johnson joyce
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