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Petition to Dr. Scott Cascone, Ken Alper, Jenn Tunnicliffe, Gary Rothstein, Cheryl Merklinger, Terry Trigg-Scales

Save Our Young Learners - Reopen Our Schools

Dr. Cascone and Board Members, Thank you for the effort you have been putting into reopening West Orange schools safely after over nine long months during which many children have suffered emotionally and fallen behind academically in our district. At this late stage and with so many setbacks, our request is that you stay the course in the face of opposition, and open to the greatest extent possible for all students—with in-person opportunities five days a week for elementary and special education students by the date of January 19, 2021 to allow for quarantine time after the holiday season.  The science overwhelmingly suggests that young children are not driving transmission of COVID-19, and schools can be safe places for staff and students of all ages, even with spread in the greater community. This is particularly true with simple, low-tech precautions—for ex. masking, face shields, limiting close contact, cohorts, and opening windows for ventilation. Many local public and private schools, following CDC and state guidelines, have been running for months without major issue. Notably, the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club are operating smoothly in some of our school buildings. Even when cases do occur, the testing, tracing and quarantining process used in other districts has been proven sufficient in limiting in-school spread.  To ignore all of this evidence is to further children and families’ suffering with no rational justification. Neither the CDC nor the State of New Jersey mandates the additional air filtration projects, but our district has gone truly above and beyond with preparing for this concern as well. We believe the existing guidelines, which we already exceed, are highly effective, as evidenced by the low number of outbreaks traced to thousands of schools across the state. While we sympathize with fears of the unknown, we do not want to be driven by fear when making such important decisions. Many of us can no longer afford to delay this return to school any further and will be forced to make difficult choices for the coming year. We must do our best to make special accommodations for staff and continue to offer a virtual option, but we cannot ignore the many in our community who need in-person education now. Please push forward, follow the science, and prioritize public education and a safe reopening. Thank you. Articles and resources:

Kevin Brady
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Petition to Jose Oliva, Janet Cruz, Kathleen Passidomo, Dane Eagle, Kionne L. McGhee, Val Butler Demings

To impeach Governor Ron DeSantis for neglecting his duty to protect Floridians from COVID

Governor Ron DeSantis has continued to demonstrate that he is willing to put Floridians in harms way. He waited to act in a timely matter to combat COVID, does not follow his current guidelines for reopening. He rushed to reopen Florida by manipulating the numbers and telling medical examiners to stop reporting COVID deaths. If this continues to happen, the amount of economic losses and number of unnecessary deaths will continue to increase. At the time of this petition, DeSantis continues to down play the urgency of how many Floridians are getting infected with COVID. We are breaking Florida's daily COVID case records on a daily basis. He's blaming Hispanic workers for his incompetence instead of taking charge to combat COVID. He's blamed that increased testing is the reason for higher COVID numbers, Florida doctors say otherwise. As we are watching other countries, states, handle their pandemic responses better, this is unacceptable. We need a change of leadership, someone who is willing to listen to science and not try to manipulate it or turn a blind eye to the crisis Florida is in. This should not be a partisan issue. Our health and well-being as well as our economic future is on the line. If DeSantis acted quicker in shutting down the state, listen to doctors, followed his own guidelines for reopening, Florida would be in a better position to allow us to get back to some normalcy sooner than what is happening now.  This petition calls for our Florida leaders to impeach Ron DeSantis for failing his sworn duty to protect Florida and its inhabitants.  

Jamal Mcleod
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Petition to Chancellor Yang, UCSB

Hold UCSB Students Partying Accountable

The one-year mark since the beginning of this pandemic is right around the quarter and the spread of COVID-19 within UCSB's college town of Isla Vista, CA has never been worse. I am calling for UCSB and Chancellor Yang to hold UCSB students in IV carelessly partying accountable. Please sign this petition to put pressure on the University and Chancellor Yang to begin making changes. As of 3 days ago (1/21/2021), Santa Barbara County has surpassed the urgency of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County due to the extremely high number of cases just in the small town of IV. According to the UCSB External VP for Local Affairs, IV had an alarming 84 new cases in just one week. Thousands of students located in IV are put at an increased risk of contracting the virus due to the selfishness of those having large no-mask gatherings. UCSB spends thousands of dollars on equipment and enforcement tactics to make sure no students or visitors are partying during Halloweekend every year, yet there has been little to no comparable actions being taken during this deadly pandemic.  Other major Universities such as NYU, Ohio State University, Purdue University, and more, have taken steps to protect their students by suspending those attending parties like the ones happening every weekend in IV. With new Instagram accounts like, it is easier than ever to identify the students attending these events, yet UCSB refrains from taking real action. We all want life to go back to normal, but that is an impossible task if we continue to allow these irresponsible gatherings to happen. 

Yu Ishii
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