College tuition reimbursement/lessen tuition due to online learning.

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Colleges are raising tuition during the Covid crisis when they should lower it but they refuse to lower tuition even though most colleges have switched to online schooling. It is unfair and unamerican. Some students do not have the funding to keep paying for college tuition regardless of scholarships especially during covid when many households have been affected greatly and have had to use savings for bills and tuitions  and still to this day have no source of income other than unemployment or stimulus checks. Refusing to lower tuition or reimburse tuition will only further the student debt crisis and potentially risk the lives of many Americans and families around the world. There are many house holds that rely on the younger generation to graduate college and help provide for the household and taking away money from those families is unethical. Students and families should not have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to attend college when majority of the colleges have switched to online classes and students do not need to use campus resources or facilities. I hope to make change the corrupt college system!! God bless you and God bless America!!!!!!